2017 | Drama
The Soundtrack of a life. Cris ( Selton Mello) , a young artist still trying to find his place on the tough world of arts, gets from Brazilian Government special permit to stay a month in an isolated international research station surrounded by nothing but ice. His goal is to prepare an exhibition mixing music and photography. Cris will go against his own defined concepts and values, as he spends time with other researchers discovering PLANET EARTH on an never seen perspective. This shock will result on this young artist 's evolution changing his life forever.
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Fun Facts
The film would initially be shot in Finland, but ended up being shot on a soundstage at Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro. To recreate Antarctica in the studio, it was necessary to import tons of fake snow from England.
Of the last 7 Ananã films, this is the only one without Julio Uchôa's easter egg.